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Sibylline Curiosities

Finding innovation in the unlikeliest of places

Image by Matt Palmer
Image by Sean Pollock
Working on Bean Bag Chairs
Image by NASA
Image by Noah Buscher
Writing on Glass
Sustainable Energy
Image by Riccardo Annandale

Sibylline Curiosities

It all starts with a name......

It is said that names are a reflection of personality as such we will discuss and explain how our name represents our goals and aspirations.

‘Sibylline’ – while our network is not comprised of prophets or sibyls we are indeed ‘sibylline’: our network is not only forward thinking but we also hope to create and discuss original concepts and thoughts with our readership, which will ultimately be extremely beneficial in business and commerce.

‘Curiosities’ – this noun represents two fundamental components of our network. Firstly, our network is comprised of university students who are passionate to learn about, and ‘curious’ of, the commercial world. Secondly, our network deals with ‘curiosities’, i.e., non-sequiturs and black swans: by dealing with things that seem unusual we hope to uncover innovative solutions and information that will benefit many who are interested in commerce.

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