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Working on Bean Bag Chairs

Mission Statement 

At Sibylline Curiosities we have 4 goals:

  1. To Expand Commercial Knowledge and Innovation

At Sibylline Curiosities we aim to enhance our knowledge of the commercial world.

However, unlike other platforms we will not regurgitate facts, figures and stories from prominent financial papers and articles.

 Instead, our aim is to incorporate the ‘creative’, and sometimes the ‘unusual’, with the ‘commercial’. By fulfilling this aim, not only do we hope to increase our knowledge of the dynamic world of commerce; but we hope to form intriguing ideas and concepts that may be adopted by businesses and law firms.

We will achieve this aim by observing ‘non sequiturs’, as well as values, principles and wisdom from various fields of study, such as art, religion and science. These observations will help us uncover potential mega trends, which could be utilized by employers, and detect possible paradigm shifts in the world of commerce.

It must be clarified that we are collective of ambitious students using this platform as means of understanding and learning about the realm of commerce.

We are not experts nor are we commercial advisers.

 We are simply a collection of intrigued and motivated individuals who wish to grasp and interpret the financial world.

2. To Promote the Next Generation of Dreamers, Thinkers, and Leaders

Our website acts as a nexus for the ambitious minds of tomorrow. Our platform encourages university and sixth form students to discuss and write about important financial topics and advance their own innovative solutions to modern commercial problems; as Bacon rightly observes: “a man maybe young in years but old in hours if he hath lost no time”.

Our platform, therefore, not only bolsters the skills and employability of our writers for future professions but it allows university and sixth form students to build up a network of like-minded people on a national and international basis: a diversity of culture; thought and prestige.

3. To Support Charitable Causes

Philanthropy is an important ideal at Sibylline Curiosities. Given the high levels of inequality and inequity in society, we have a collective duty to bolster social welfare and provide as much support to the vulnerable and poverty-stricken.

As such we pledge to give 100% of net revenue, gained through either sponsorships or donations, to schools and charities.

4. To support and spread awareness of up and coming artists 

One of the Golden Threads that determines all that we do on this platform is to acknowledge and promote artists.

Why you may ask? Because Art is one the most important and defining forms of human expression: even in our most savage state humans could not resist conveying their emotions and lives in the from of art - demonstrated by prehistoric cave paintings. 

Additionally, we believe that Art is the catalyst to innovation as seen during the Renaissance: Michelangelo's works; Brunelleschi's Dome and Di Vinci's paintings inspired a cultural and intellectual explosion that led to one of the most important periods of human development.

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