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Vishnuviraj Dhir

Founder and Chief Editor

At the helm of Sibylline Curiosities is our founder Vishnuviraj, who is tasked with guiding and leading a diverse and dynamic team of correspondents dedicated to envisioning the innovations of tomorrow's 'Brave New World'.

Lily Rawlings

Economic and Politics Correspondent 

Lily is our Economics and Politics Correspondent. She is currently in her second year at the University of Bristol studying Economics and Politics. Lily brings to her role experience in innovation and consulting as she has previously advised ALLFED (Alliance to Feed the World in Disasters) regarding the utilisation of UAVs in tackling Desert Locus. 

Marcus Davies

Environment and Sustainability Correspondent

Marcus is our Environment and Sustainability Correspondent as his passion and interest in crafting a 'greener' future is unrivalled. He is currently in his final year of LLB Law degree at the University of Bristol.  

Jack Benstead

European Correspondent

Jack is our European Correspondent for Sibylline Curiosities as he brings a cosmopolitan outlook via his multilingual abilities and a deep enthusiasm for French and German culture. Jack is currently in his penultimate year of French and German degree at the University of Bristol. 

Oliver Giles

Science Correspondent

Oliver is one of our many correspondents at Sibylline Curiosities. He is currently in his second year at Warwick University studying Physics with Astrophysics. Oliver is a keen enthusiast of the practical applications of science and how it can be utilised to improve and shape tomorrow's world.

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